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Tucson Cowbelles 2022 – 2023 Schedule

Our next meeting will be on Sept. 14, 2022 as an Open Board Meeting at the Mountain Oyster Club at 11:30 am.

We will be planning our new Cowbelle year.

If you plan to attend, please RSVP with Linda Vensel at 520-394-2023.

We look forward to seeing you this next Cowbelle year.

Highlights of the November 9 meeting

Joslyn Beard, State Livestock Extension Specialist, Guest Speaker

“Palpate a cow without getting dirty”

Joslyn spoke about how to check cows for pregnancies (preg check) and 

how to artificial inseminate (AI) a cow.

Joslyn had the help of Patty, the palpation dummy (a model of the rear end of a cow) along with a view of the internal organs used for the procedure.  In addition, two large plastic examples of what to feel for in a cow when checking for pregnancies:  one was a model of pregnancies at around 45-50 days, and the other around 90 days pregnant; along with other smaller samples of organs and equipment used.

Rectal palpation is a very common and highly popular method among all cattle producers in primarily performing pregnancy checks on cows and heifers.  “Preg-checking” or pregnancy checking female cattle often yields successful results especially if performed by an experience technician. Rectal palpation is undoubtedly the messiest, yet cheapest and often quickest form of preg-checking that can be easily learned by all those who have a breeding herd of cattle.

Joslyn also discussed how cow are artificially inseminated and showed the equipment used: an AI-gun, AI-rod and a protective cover. She also passed around straws of semen and explained how this process can be very efficient and the ability to pick the sire by use of purchasing the straws of semen. Prior to injecting the semen into the uterus, it was placed in liquid nitrogen and then injected.

The talk was very informative and interesting to the ladies who had several questions following. 

Rochel Lewis who works for Purina was also a guest and discussed her education, background and how she got interested in her present job with Purina which keeps her on the road most often.

For two young ladies, they had interesting jobs and a wealth of education and experience which got them to their current positions. Cowbelles can be very proud of such strong and capable ladies leading the livestock industries in their chosen professions.

There was a wonderful lunch. Everyone brought delicious dishes to go along with the great meal provided by the McGibbons. A special thank you to Micaela McGibbon for being our hostess for this meeting and all her preparation. A thanks also goes out to Kellie Wolverton for the beautiful flowers. A big thanks to all who brought dishes.

Volunteers Needed for Pioneer Stockman Luncheon

Pioneer Stockman Luncheon at Arizona National Livestock Show December 30, 2022- Noon

ERC Building, Arizona State Fairgrounds, 19th Avenue & McDowell, Phoenix (Check map on ANLS website. Building located on west side of coliseum as you exit the grounds to the north parking lot.)

Cowbelle volunteers are needed to serve lunch. Please arrive by 11:00 a.m. Tell the crew at the admission gate that you are a Cowbelle and volunteering at the Pioneer Luncheon.

Cowbelle Dress

Volume 30 – Pioneer Stockman Histories is being published.

A new caterer

Please contact Janice Bryson with any questions and to RSVP as a volunteer

623-556-6861 or jbryson2@cox.net

2022 ANLS is dedicated to Cowbelle Cindy Tidwell Shelton and Yavapai Cowbelle Ibbie Champie is Pioneer Stockman of the Year.

Meeting Wednesday October 12

Hello Everyone!!

I hope you are able to join us tomorrow for our meeting at Hacienda del Sol to listen to Faith Boise’s presentation about the Historic Empire Ranch. 

There has been some confusion (mostly my fault) about Beth’s email.. 

Please send her an email if you are planning on attending the meeting tomorrow at:


Thank you so much!!

If we do not see you this month, we hope to see you next month at the Santa Rita Ranch!!

Micaela McGibbon

Ride the Train for the ANCW trip to New Orleans!

Good morning ladies,

As all of you hopefully know American National Cattlewoman’s current President Elect is our very own Pamela Griffin. She will become President at the ANCW National Convention in New Orleans early next year. Attached is a flyer for a train trip to go to the Convention. Please contact Barbara Jackson as soon as possible if you are interested in heading to New Orleans!.

Thank you,

Trina Sue Riggs
Arizona State Cowbelles Secretary